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SetiQueue is a handy little computer program for Windows-based computers that allows for the caching of Seti@Home Work Units.
Why use this program? First of all, there's the niftyness factor. SetiQueue comes with a starmap that shows exactly where the downloaded work units have come from. Secondly, the Berkeley central Seti@Home server is often quite crowded and often even down. The computer(s) running Seti@Home will therefore run out of work units to process much more rarely than before.
And then for the reason I use SetiQueue: My modem. Since I connect to the net only once a day (on average) from home, it is useful to download a stack of work units to process during the rest of the uptime.

Configuration of SetiQueue is easy. The client is configured to connect to the SetiQueue program, thinking it is a proxy. Then, the only communication between Berkeley and your computer(s) is done through SetiQueue. Multiple machines on a local area network are easily configured to use one SetiQueue server, which quickly adapts to changing work loads by downloading differing numbers of work units.
Using only a tiny amount of processing power, providing statistics and a graphical representation on processed data SetiQueue is a utility well worth considering.

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