E.T. is the title character in the movie E.T. He/she/it is an alien, who was unable to return to his spaceship before it took off because the Feds were coming. With the help of preteen Elliott, he/she/it is able to phone home and return to his planet, despite the NASA scientists who try to do mean things like dissect him/her/it.

The second movie that I ever saw in theaters(The first being Xanadu, which explains my lustful urges twards Olivia Newton John). I cried. :~(

also... :P


Equal parts of; Midori, Bailey's & Vodka

Layer in exact order into a Pony or Shot glass

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1982 Film By Steven Spielberg, produced by Kathleen Kennedy. Considered to be one of his best.

Tagline (IMDB):He is afraid. He is alone. He is three million light years from home.

A few facts about ET:

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ET: The Video Game

Title: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
Platform: Atari 2600
Released: 1982
Format: Atari cartridge
Developer/Publisher: Atari
Availabilty: We'll get to that. Try finding a ROM if you really feel a need for pain.

The Skinny: "E.T." is notorious for being what many believe to be the worst game ever. You play as Elliot, the boy from the film "E.T." in a quest to go into craters lining the ground to find pieces for... whatever. Along for the ride is E.T., the little alien who is graphically represented on the Atari as something somewhat resembling a green penis. In each pit, after looking for pieces of said whatever, in order to escape you must use E.T.'s Neck Stretching Powers™ to leave the pit. This sounds a lot easier than it truly is. E.T. takes about an hour to move halfway up the screen, slowly inching upward toward the top. When he finally stretches his neck to the right length for your escape, you must push the red button at the correct instant or else his slimy little neck will retract in an instant leaving you back where you started. Needless to say, the game is extremely frustrating and sold terribly. In a legendary act of sheer stupidity, more copies of the game were allegedly made than systems to play them on (thanks archiewood). Apparently the president of Atari had to get rid of all of the copies that were not sold so he took them to a dump in New Mexico and had them buried underground. Ouch. This title is only recomended for masochists.

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