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My own personal hero

Shane Lacy Hensley, CEO of Pinnacle Entertainment Group, is around 32 years old, and is married to Michelle Hensley. The pair have two sons, Caden Lacy Hensley and Ronan Lacy Hensley as well as two pet dogs named Roadkill and Feebee.

Shane had written for TSR, West End Games, SSI, FASA, and others, and published a set of historical miniatures rules entitled Fields of Honor and John R. Hopler's The Last Crusade under the brand name of Pinnacle Entertainment Group when he hit upon the idea for his brilliant new game, Deadlands. During a long trip back from GenCon in 1994, Shane was inspired by a Brom painting of a Confederate vampire, which later became the cover to White Wolf Studio's Necropolis: Atlanta, and the idea of cowboys and zombies stirred something deep in his mind. These early ideas later went on to become Deadlands, Deadlands: Hell on Earth and the upcoming Deadlands: Lost Colony while simultaneously inspiring him to create Weird Wars, the new d20 product currently under development.

Shane's works include:

Novels and Fiction:

Sole Survivor (West End Games)
Blood of Tarrian (West End Games)
Darkfall (HarperCollins)
Dead End (West End Games)
Prisons (White Wolf Studios)
Reaching for the Stars (West End Games)

Computer Games:

Thunderscape (SSI)
Entomorph (SSI)
Panzer General (SSI)
Operation: Watershed! (4-H/USDA)


City by the Silt Sea (TSR/Hasbro)
Nightmare Lands (TSR/Hasbro)
Earth, Fire, Water, & Air (TSR/Hasbro)
Ravenloft Monstrous Compendium II (TSR/Hasbro)
Terror in the Skies (FASA)
Humans (FASA)
Temple of Rec Stalek (West End Games)
When Axioms Collide (West End Games)
Techbook: Ships (West End Games)
Crosshairs (West End Games)
Star Wars: Secrets of the Sisar Run (West End Games)
The World of Aden (West End Games)
Campaign Chronicles (West End Games)
Card Games Killer Instinct (Topps/Nintendo)
X-Files (Topps/Fox)

Pinnacle Products:

Fields of Honor
Deadlands: the Weird West The Quick & the Dead
Deadlands Players Guide
Deadlands Marshal?s Guide
Hell on Earth
Waste Warriors
The Great Rail Wars
City o' Gloom
The Last Crusaders

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