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Sharon Creech received her BA at Ohio's Miram College and her Master of Arts from George Mason University of Virginia. Before she wrote children's books, she was a teacher, editorial assistant, and indexer at Congressional Quarterly, and a researcher for The Federal Theatre Project at the Library of Congress Archives, which she hated, as "politics and facts . . . are not two of my loves."

In 1979 she moved to England to teach literature, which she still does. She enjoys freaky bring-the-words-to-life experiments like having her class read Chaucer, then taking them all on a train ride along the path the pilgrims traveled in the Canterbury Tales.

Creech lives in a cottage built before America was founded. She got the idea for the title of Walk Two Moons from a fortune cookie.


"My advice to future Newbery winners: Take a deep breath. You will have about thirty minutes between the call announcing your book is the winner and the onslaught of complete chaos."

"In college I took my first writing course, though I spent most of my time sitting in front of the typewriter feeling very proud of myself, and balling up sheets of paper and tossing them on the floor, which is what writers in movies did."


Absolutely Normal Chaos


Chasing Redbird

Fishing In the Air

Nickel Malley (book for adults, written under her married name, Sharon Rigg)

Pleasing the Ghost

Recital (book for adults, written under her married name, Sharon Rigg)

The Wanderer

Walk Two Moons (1995 Newbery Award)

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