The de facto national library of the United States of America in Washington, DC, Charged to "make knowledge and creativity available to the United States Congress," and to "to acquire, organize, preserve, secure and sustain for the present and future use of the Congress and the nation."

Runs the Library of Congress Classification System used in libraries throughout the world.

Librarians of Congress

John J. Beckley (1802-1807)
Patrick Magruder (1807-1815)
George Watterston (1815-1829)
John Silva Meehan (1829-1861)
John G. Stephenson (1861-1864)
Ainsworth Rand Spofford (1864-1897)
John Russell Young (1897-1899)
Herbert Putnam (1899-1939)
Archibald MacLeish (1939-1944)
Luther H. Evans (1945-1953)
L. Quincy Mumford (1954-1974)
Daniel J Boorstin (1975-1987)
James H. Billington (1987- )

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