"She Gave Sweet Love To Me" is a song written and performed by Johnny Tillotson, in the country and pop genres. It was recorded in 1960, and was released sometime after 1962, when the other side of the single was recorded.

I am glad I turned the record over: I listened to the other side, "It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'", several times, and was trying to think of something to say about it---it was bland. Not bad, not good, just a 1962 record that fit into the lull between the fall of 1950s rock n roll music, and The British Invasion. But then I turned it around and "She Gave Sweet Love To Me" was something interesting, from the first notes. It droned, it buzzed, it swung, and the singers sad story of heartbreak felt real, instead of corny.

While I am doing this blind read (deaf listen?) of these records, it is natural that I want to know the story behind each one. I am not familiar by Johnny Tillotson, even by name, so the fact that he has a soulfully performed, and musically interesting record, recorded in 1960, makes me wonder what the story is behind it. (Especially since, as mentioned, the other side is pretty bland). Was he a hidden gem, mixing in his own experimental music with the standard pop fare of the day? If so, does he have some interesting story as a trailblazer? Or was the music of pre-British Invasion America not quite as boring as History of Rock 101 says it is? Perhaps the song is also not quite as good as I think (broken hearts are standard fare), and it is only my state of mind when listening to old records that makes me think this is some type of era-defying record.

How long should I let the hidden mystery of who Johnny Tillotson was, and whether this song was a sign of hidden genius or just a random accomplishment of sounding good, percolate?

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