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But all he could do was take her home, for a little awhile anyway…

Have you ever watched a couple of cats that are strangers to each other when they’re outside and meet for the first time? They seem to go to elaborate lengths to avoid each other at first, each keeping a wary eye on the other and then they start drawing closer and closer and the feeling out process begins. They start doing this kind of circular dance, trying to get a feel for each other and maybe staking a claim to some forgotten piece of territory. Usually one takes off for a little bit to get out of range but, cats being what they are, it always seems to return. It happens slowly, almost imperceptibly but sure enough, it happens. Then, when one has had enough of the other, it’s off into the night in search of other games to play and things to do. Although they seem to have parted ways, they never seem to lose sight of one another.

She was an artist who lived a couple of doors down. He was the quiet neighbor who just moved in. They got to know each other through chance encounters as they made their way throughout the neighborhood. Their conversations started out innocently enough and usually centered around trivial matters such as yard work, cooking, music, job, family and cars. They found that while they both came from different backgrounds, they shared many of the same traits and experiences, both good and bad, during their lifetimes. There was an ease to their relationship that somehow just sort of came naturally. It was as if it was no accident and that fate had intervened on both of their behalves.

As the weeks turned to months the relationship started to strengthen. There were dinners and introductions and gradually the two became a couple. There were nights spent at home and weekends spent away. There were parties to plan, events to coordinate and lives to be shared. They both seemed happy and content with each other and the walls that divided them started to come down. The passion between them was like a flame that continued to be fed.

As the months turned to years, the flame of passion that had once burned so brightly had begun to flicker. It happened slowly at first, almost going unnoticed by the both of them. Their worlds, so self-contained for such a long time, began to expand beyond their grasp. Soon, there were new players in the game and new worlds to conquer. Unfortunately, only one of them saw it this way and the other was left to keep a wary eye on what he thought was his hold on the world.

In a last ditch effort to try cement the remains of their crumbling fortunes, there was talk of marriage. They both knew in the back of their heads that such talk was meaningless and it wasn’t long before they parted ways with nothing more than a promise of friendship and some shared secrets.

They still live a couple of doors away from each other. He is content to sit on his porch and engage in his favorite pass time of just watching the world go by. She just got out of a taxi cab from the airport with an entire set of luggage and her new lover on her arm. He’s sure they’ll laugh and speak of Paris.

They can’t help but glance at each other in acknowledgement and exchange a feeble wave. They are just like the two cats who got to know each other so long ago in the middle of the night. They still manage keep a wary eye open, always on the lookout for any signs of danger on the horizon.

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