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Do first kisses exist anymore?

Odds on your first kiss will involve some guy sticking his tongue down your throat, while you both drunk, in front of a dancing crowd and odds on he’ll do the same to at least two other chicks later on that night, whether you’re 14, in the case of my sister or 18, in the case of me.

I have a friend whose first kiss with her husband will be on her wedding day. Right now, there is a very romantic element in that. To embark upon the rest of your life together, with that soft, pure kiss of love, for the very first time, and then to never kiss anyone else in the whole world.

That’s more than just not sleeping together before marriage, that’s not kissing. I don’t quite understand it but it is lovely.

I’m not sure I could do it but I love my friend who is so sure that their love will be so strong she won’t kiss him. Even though it doesn’t even exist yet.

I am looking forward to going to that wedding.

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