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The basaltic core of an ancient volcano rises from the plains at the far north west corner of New Mexico. It is easily visible from both US 666 and US 64 to anyone travelling near four corners. Personally I never saw much resemblance to a ship in this mass of stone. But I suppose there were already too many Castle Rocks around and some early English speaking traveler thought it looked like a 525 meter tall sailing ship forever crossing the shifting sands.

I've been told that the Navajo call it Tse'Bit'a'i', or the Winged Rock. Interesting name, I can almost see that. But still I would have called it the fortress or something. Whatever you call it, if you are in the area of Shiprock, New Mexico, you might want to check it out. It is, however, closed to hiking or climbing due to being on Navajo Tribal lands. No biggie though, the views really are great from the highways.

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