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Junk food of Lebanese origin. Popular in Montreal. It's a pita wrap with chicken, lettuce, tomato, a peculiar purple cabbage-like vegetable, and a creamy garlic sauce. Served warm and best with hot sauce. Related to Falafel and Shawarma pitas, but with chicken instead of falafel and spiced beef, respectively.

Interestingly, the chicken is pressed into a large, cylindrical shape and placed on a vertical spit rotating near toaster lights. It is shaved off using a large prong and knife. Occasionally, the chicken will come out pink. Don't complain - it's probably okay to eat.

In Montreal, the best place for Shish Taouk is Fattouch (pronounced Fa-Toush), located at 3673 St-Laurent. For those of you unfamiliar with the Montreal addressing scheme, that's about three quarters of the way North up the block from Prince Arthur heading towards Pine, on the right-hand side.

That peculiar purple cabbage-like vegetable is actually pickled turnip. It turns pink because they put some beets in with it.

It's actually pretty good in a shish taouk sandwich.

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