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Local term for St. Laurent street in Montreal. A great resting place for weary travellers and incontestably the root of the city. A rendez-vous point.

Also a notorious all-night delicatessen where many drunks congregate late at night, much to the dismay of the staff. Located at 3864 St.Laurent...try the blintzes!!!

(The Restaurant) - If you're lucky enough to still have $20 in your pocket at 5:15 in the morning, a great place for steak and eggs. The eggs are bad (gelatinous white), the steak terrible, and the smoked meat worse, but it beats a dépanneur. The $20 includes cab fare and tip.

Also, a good place for steamies or toasties at any other time of night.

If it's between 7:30 (am) and 3 (am) and you're not in the mood for hot dogs, don't bother stopping in. For smoked meat, head across the street to Schwartz's. For steak, go up The Main half a block to Moishe's. If junk food is your craving, you can pick up a Shish Taouk at Fattouch (or M. Falafel, or Restaurant Shish-Taouk) a few blocks South, enjoy a Frites et Frappe combo at la Friterie, get a slice of pizza at Madonna's Pizza, or just head home and order a large poutine with extra cheese, extra-crispy fries and extra gravy from Mamma's (288-1128).

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