Referring to the increasing entropy in the universe, manifesting itself as negative things happening to us, and the half-hearted discontentment with that fact.

See fatalism.

This happened while I was at University, so don't judge my living standards by this story.

One night during my third year, I spent the evening watching television at home with two of my three housemates. The fourth, the only guy, went out.

He came home late, and opened his bedroom door only to find

a turd on a plate in the middle of his floor

No-one could explain it.

Only one non-resident had been in the house all day, and so suspicion naturally fell on him, but as he convincingly denied any knowledge of the offending item, a hitherto unheard of atmosphere of mistrust fell among the house.

Our housemate was very down as a consequence of his experience.

He wondered around campus the next day, visibly shaken by his ordeal.

One of his friends, unfamiliar with the events of the previous day asked him what was wrong.

"Oh, something just got to me, it happened yesterday" he said trying to gloss over it.

Never mind, said his friend

"Shit Happens"

"Tell me about it" replied my housemate, "it certainly does".

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