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Shito Ryu is a branch of Okinawan karate that was founded in 1929 by Kenwa Mabuni (1889-1952). Mabuni brought his style of karate to Osaka in 1929 and concentrated on teaching it in universities in West Japan.

Shito Ryu is generally characterized by the immense number of kata (forms) associated with the style, and students of this branch of karate will often have to study and understand more than 20 of them before they graduate to their first degree black belt.

The style uses primarily short, low stances, but harbors a variety of traditional martial arts stances, such as Zenkutsu-dachi, Kiba-dachi, Neko-Ashi-dachi, and the well-known sumo stance.


I currently train in the Shito-Ryu style, and I find it relaxing, good for strength and confidence building, and it doesn't do a bad job of helping with discipline. Of course, that last part has much to do with your sensei.

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