A nonfiction book by Fred Heeren. It explores recent scientific discoveries that point toward a personal, powerful creator. He begins with the search for extra-terrestrial life, continues with the Big Bang Theory, and includes some information about how the Bible and the Big Bang are not irreconcilable.

This is a good read especially for two kinds of people:

One--those who believe God created the world in 6-10,000 years without asking why they believe this. Heeren is a devout Catholic, but over time became convinced that the universe is probably very old. Many Christians say God could have created the universe to "look old," but Heeren brings up a very good point: Why would God want to deceive us? This section also includes a little-known quote from Albert Einstein.

Two--agnostics or atheists who believe science is on their side. The media and the education system have been rather deceptive where the study of origins is concerned. Many scientists are desperately trying to come up with models of the universe that don't point to a "creation point," producing some really interesting theories. For example, one theory is that humans will eventually evolve into a god, and that this god will then be able to move back in time and create the universe. The expanding universe model--directly related to the Big Bang theory--points to a creation point, hence a creator of some kind. Heeren gives extensive details about the scientific evidence, but in language that we can all understand.

Overall, a good study in cosmology, modern science, and the relationship between science and theology.

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