Christian returns to the path and eventually reaches The Gate. There, he knocks a few times, unsure of his worthiness to be allowed in. Good-will finally comes and inquires about him.

from The Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan:

(59) (continued from Conversation with Evangelist)
Then did Christian address himself to go back; and Evangelist, after he had kissed him, gave him one smile, and bid him God-speed. So he went on with haste, neither spake he to any man by the way; nor, if any asked him, would he vouchsafe them an answer. He went like one that was all the while treading on forbidden ground, and could by no means think himself safe, till again he was got into the way which he left, to follow Mr. Worldly Wiseman's counsel. So, in process of time, Christian got up to the gate. Now, over the gate there was written, Knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Matt 7:8


"He that will enter in must first without
Stand knocking at the Gate, nor need he doubt
That is a knocker but to enter in;
For God can love him, and forgive his sin."
He knocked, therefore, more than once or twice, saying--
"May I now enter here? Will he within
Open to sorry me, though I have been
An undeserving rebel? Then shall I
Not fail to sing his lasting praise on high."
At last there came a grave person to the gate, named Good-will, who asked who was there. and whence he came. and what he would have.

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