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Sicknesses of the soul are something you don't learn about, except in odd liberal arts classes. Apparently, we don't need to care if our soul is sick, as long as we don't have a headache. Just so you know, I did not invent these; they're real and quite well-known in the kinds of places where the Soul matters.

The Sicknesses of Soul are progressive; that is, you start off with one and as it gets worse you develop the rest. Think of them as the same illness in three stages.

I'm noding these for those of you who know there's an afterlife but don't buy the hype surrounding it. Hey, I don't think you have to pay the Pope to get to Heaven, either. But the way I see it, if there REALLY IS a Soul, and it really does go on, then it's safe to assume that the state of your soul at the time of your death might really determine where it/you "goes" when the body thing is done.

And those of us riding this particular train of thought natually want to know one thing: What, REALLY, might determine the difference between soul in good shape vs. lemon soul? Nobody ever feels the need to research things like this. This is one of the great follies of our culture in my opinion. We keep inventing new bras and new cars and new TV, but we don't give a shit about our immortal souls.

Hey, if you don't know that you have a soul, you don't have to worry about any of this, I guess. You can beg off with some excuse about "beliefs" or something. But if you know, and you want to know more, follow the links...

Click here for Soul Sickness One: Anonymity.

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