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Radio silence has become real. You really believe now that you DON'T have a connection with anyone else, that you CAN'T connect, and maybe even don't care to.

In religious perspective again, we are all part of God. If you cut the soul off from every part of God except itself, you're going to hurt. BADLY. When people get to the point of Anomie, they stop trying to send signals. They cocoon; wrap up in themselves because it's the only warmth out there.

Simply in terms of science (for those of you who are reading this out of morbid curiosity), Anomie causes devastating personality damage to an individual. Emotions become recursive, having nothing in reality to reflect off and either gain validity or be disproven. Without other souls, our one soul is lost. That is what it means to be in God's image. Billions of souls. ONE IMAGE.

Anomie is the cold become cancer. Click here to watch a soul die, in Soul Sickness Three: Ennui.

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