A virtual reality personality program that is made up of dozens of profiles of the nastiest, slimiest, meanest, overall evilest serial killers and criminals in all the world. Wearing his snappy green suit and sporting a cool attitude, Sid 6.7 was the latest version, superseding Sid 6.5 with more included criminal profiles and improved reactions to stimulus (and I'd imagine the usual set of bugfixes, too).

Sid 6.7 was designed to be the villain in a series of virtual reality police tranining scenarios. Designed by LETAC (Law Enforcement Technology Advancement Center), the plan was for police officers to log hours of training by participating in the VR program, donning VR suits and goggles and engaging Sid 6.7 in a simulated environment. The system was first tested by prisoners, including one former police lieutenant Parker Barnes. However, during the testing something went horribly wrong and two of the three prisoners died in the program and in real life, victims of sensory overload. Barnes was the only survivor. Come to find out, Sid 6.7 tweaked the program settings of the VR world and overloaded the synapses of the testing team. Sid 6.7 wasn't just a simulation of a twisted killer - he really was a twisted killer.

It also turns out that one of the killers profiled for Sid 6.7's program was the man who murdered Parker Barnes' wife and daughter, Matthew Grimes. Seeing Parker in the program brought the killer's personality to Sid 6.7's forefront. The decision was made to terminate the Sid 6.7 program. However, things never quite go as planned. Sid 6.7's lead programmer duped a member of a nanotechnology android development team into placing Sid 6.7's program into an android, thus releasing Sid 6.7 into the real world. His goal? Tormenting and killing Parker Barnes, and he doesn't care who he kills to get the job done. Released from prison, Parker attempts to track Sid 6.7 down and vows to destroy the last remnants of his family's killer, locked away in Sid 6.7's programming.

Of course, this is the plot of Virtuosity, a 1995 movie starring Denzel Washington as Parker Barnes and Russell Crowe as Sid 6.7. Why, oh why couldn't it have been the Sheila 3.2 program that got loose instead? Maybe for Virtuosity 2...

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