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A set of principles concerning the learning and teaching of any skill, topic or clearly defined body of knowledge. The objective of SILT is to strongly increase not only the rate at which the student learns the immediate skill, topic or knowledge, but also the student's continual ability to learn, whether the focus is on the immediate skill, topic or knowledge, or on learning in general (usually, it's considered the students choice).

The following make up the core of SILT. This core is at all time intended to be expanded; in SILT, both learning and teaching is considered a process of learning (yes, both learning to teach and learning to learn).

Core of SILT:
No school, college, university or other academy is yet known to employ SILT directly (it is new and not widely known). However, as SILT builds on the decades of research done in psychology and cognitive sciences (just as Neuro-Linguistic Programming does), most concepts are based on known methods or theories.

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