SimCity's main traffic helicopter. SimCopter One debuted in the original SimCity, flying about. A good sound card was needed to hear it. SimCopter One made its next appearance in SimCity 2000, announcing "SimCopter One, reporting heavy traffic". It begins to appear in your city once you've built an airport with a size of at least 3 tiles by 5 tiles. It flies in big circles around the city, unlike airplanes (which periodically leave and come back).

Clicking on SimCopter One with the crosshairs cursor (re-centering tool) causes it to be shot down; aim for the tail. When it hits, it causes a "Helicopter Crash" disaster. This is essentially the same as an Air Crash. Note that if No Disasters is checked, it'll explode harmlessly on the ground.

SimCopter One cameos in SimTower, as the fire rescue helicopter. It'll charge you $300,000 to put out a fire. It's powerful.

SimCopter One later received its own game, the aptly-titled SimCopter. SimCopter features rescue missions, putting out fires, transport... everything you could possibly want. It lets you import your own cities from SC2K, too.

Jurph spotted SimCopter One in SimCity 3000. Servo5678 informs me that it makes a (silent) appearance in the Super Nintendo edition of SimCity, and flies around the city in SimCity 3000 Unlimited.

Thanks to SEF for spell checking. And writing a nifty story.

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