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In 1095 Leon Belmont vanquished Mathias, Lord of Vampires, the King of the Night and fended off the Grim Reaper using a mystically charged whip called the Vampire Killer. As Death retreated into the night, he passed along a message to the Lord of Vampires: "You have become a cursed being, and I will never forgive you. This whip and my kinsmen will destroy you someday, The Belmont Clan will hunt the night!"

So they did. The whip was passed on from generation to generation of Belmont, and was used to put down evil whenever it arose. In 1450, a new threat came to the Belmont clan, by the name of Vlad Tepes Dracula. Dracula, a former ruler of Wallacia, Romania, after death, gained supernatural powers and became a vampire. Already angry with humanity because of his wife's execution as a witch, he pledged to conquer the world and plunge it into his dark grip. However, Sonia Belmont gathered the five mystic items that would one day become a staple of the Belmont Clan warriors, the axe, dagger, holy water, boomerang and stopwatch, and used them to vanquish Dracula. In the generations to come, Dracula became the Belmont family's arch-nemesis, finding various ways to bring himself back to power, only to be struck down by their ranks, but never without first attempting to enact his vile machinations.

In 1691, Simon Belmont took up the mighty whip and the other mystic items traditionally held by the members of the Belmont clan, to once again challenge his family's nemesis. Dracula had once again made an appearence after being vanquished by Simon's great-great grandfather, Christopher Belmont one hundred years prior. Expecting one of the heros of the Belmont clan to challenge him, Dracula prepared a contingency plan. When Simon arrived, the vampire placed a curse on him, in the hopes of permanently destroying the Belmont line. In the years to come, Simon's wounds from the battle never healed, and he was constantly in pain, but he had no knowledge of the curse Dracula had inflicted him with. In 1693, a vision of a beautiful maiden came onto him and explained about the curse. She told him that the only way to reverse it was to gather up the five parts of Dracula, his heart, his eye, his nail, his ring and his rib bone, and use them to ressurect and again defeat Dracula. Before he could gather the pieces, Simon once again had to fight against monsters and the undead and vanquish the supernatural beings which guarded each piece. Since the curse he carried with him was the only thing keeping the armies of the night alive, the people of Transylvannia shunned him, blaming him for the evil that walked the land. Once he had retrieved the five parts of Dracula, he burned them and once again vanquished a reborn Dracula, thus removing the curse and restoring the land to peace.

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