Well you know my name is Simon,
and the things I draw come true.
and the pictures take me, take me,
over the garden wall with you.

A children's cartoon about a young boy named Simon. Thanks to a magic blackboard the things he drew on this board would come to life in Chalk Drawing Land. After drawing things Simon would go to Chalk Drawing Land by climbing a ladder over a nearby fence and being transported to this special land. In Chalk Drawing Land everything was made of chalk except for Simon. Only Simon knew about Chalk Drawing Land and it was where he would go to get away from the world. (I think Simon was a bit of a loner.)

This cartoon is from the 1970s. There were 12 episodes created. Each episode was only about five minutes long. It was created by Edward McLachlan. It was produced by FilmFair London Productions.

It was first aired in America on Captain Kangaroo where it was narrated by Bob Keesha, the Captain. The lyrics at the top are from the Captain Kangaroo version, the original lyrics were "Now you know my name is Simon, and the things I draw come true. And the pictures take me, take me over, Climb the ladder with you." The original British version appeared on Romper Room and more recently on Nickelodieon's Pinwheel. The original version was narrated by Bernard Cribbins.

Also, Mike Myers played Simon on several episodes of Saturday Night Live where he sang "You know my name is Simon, and I like to do draw-rings." The SNL skit basically consisted of Myers sitting in a bathtub with crayon drawings and acting British.

I remember vividly these cartoons from my childhood they are probably about the only thing I remember from Captain Kangaroo. To this day I will sometimes sing the first two lines of the theme at random times. Usually when people are least expecting it.

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