Love is like a toy you lost from youth, something simple that, when you were younger and less guarded, brought you joy with ease. And, ironically, strong winds and foggy or rainy days will remind me of that kind of love. Love when it starts, is pretty simple; it only gets complicated (or should get complicated) the longer it lingers. It lures us with its simplicity; I mean, if you knew how messy it would get, would you even bother?

Toys were meant to be played with, meant to be worn with love, not boxed up and kept for antiques. Strong winds are meant to remind you of warmth, of comfort you are wanting that exact moment you feel a chill, even if you, like myself, enjoy cold breezes.



What am I looking for ? 


A child's toy

except not lost,  just misplaced 


The lyrics to a song that no one sings anymore, 

too obscure to hear on the radio


The address to an apartment I had

when I lived in the city, 

when free time was a blessing, not a curse 


What am I looking for?



of course 






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