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I wake at 2:45. Go back to sleep, wanting to remember a dream.

I am in a school. More University like, with shared dorms. I am up in the morning. There is a note on the door, official, that I am to vacate the room immediately because I have a paper in a journal that the school doesn't know about. Therefore I am doing research elsewhere or I already have a PhD or I can't be a student... I am not sure, but I want to clear my name. Also, there must be another lizardinlaw and I am interested, who is this person? It looks like interesting research that is related to mine.

But it's morning and I want coffee first. I start through the hallways. Ramps up and down, between buildings, in all directions. They are not floating stairways, but do go from the fourth floor on this building to the second on the next. There are a lot of students. I can't find coffee and realize that I don't really know my way around.

Which doesn't make sense, of course. I have just finished a semester there and I know my way around. I went back to sleep, I remember that, maybe I am confused because I am up later than usual. I want to be earliest at the provost's office with evidence that I am not the lizardinlaw who wrote that scientific paper. Though I wish I had more published, honestly. And anyhow I am leaving, I have other work to do this semester, but I may want to come back and I want my name cleared. What a pain.

Back to the room. My roommate D is there and her boyfriend. They are watching a movie or video. I am finding all the pieces of evidence I need. I still haven't got coffee. We are talking and D is interested in an inflatable toy that I have. "It's just silly." I say.

"It's going to take off," she says. "Be the new thing."

I glare at it. "I've had it for ages."

"No, really." she says. Her boyfriend agrees. They pick it up. It is round, an inflatable sort of space thing.

"What time IS it?" I ask, worrying about the provost. I look at my phone. 3:42. "It can't be! It's afternoon? This isn't right, is it?"

D and her boyfriend look at their phones and me, surprised. "Yes, that's right!"

I wake up.

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