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Adventure game by Adventuresoft. Sequaled by Simon The Sourcerer 2, and now, Simon3D

I began my Gaming life on the Commodore 64, followed swiftly by the Amiga 600 series. My second upgrade to my 'miggy was that of a (by then standards huge) 30 meg hard-drive. The first Hard-drive compatible game I bought was an adventure game on 9 disks called Simon the Sorcerer, in fact the game arrived before the HD did, so I ended up completing it before the drive arrived. But never-mind.

The point was that I played this game about a young man called Simon being summoned to another realm in order to defeat the evil Sordid the Wizard. Which was nice.

I did this, eventually and with the assistance of Amiga Format's hints section, and wondered what to do next.

a few years later, my dad abandoned his old PC for a nice new one, and I was in the position of having a PC to play with, albeit a 4 year old/nothing will run on this/depreciated by £950 in the past 4 years one, and I had to find a game that would work on it, and in came Simon The Sorcerer 2 from the budget section, once again requiring you to don a wizards robe and the wise-ass jokes for the greater good.

And I completed it.

And I lost.

The end of StS2 is somewhat odd as adventure games go (and this is coming from a person who has played many) in that our pal Simon utterly fails to live happily ever after, and indeed ends up on Sordid's body Whilst Sordid returns to Simon's world to reak havoc on out peaceful lifestyle... To Be Continued...

And here we come to StS2.5. The story was continued, and a new game planned. The scripts were written, the backgrounds drawn, Simon was going to return!

and then he didn't

Despite Monkey Island 3's success, it was seen as old hat, a 2D adventure game when both the 2D market and the Adventure game market were dead, and no publisher would touch it with a 10 foot barge-pole. Cue some quick cash-ins while it was decided what to do next.

Lose the Adventure bit, Lose the 2D bit or lose both and start again? The decision was made, and Simon the Sorcerer entered the 3rd dimension.

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