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Ages ago, there was a land that was plagued by a terrible bear with a perchance for beating up various small animals that happened to be in the area. This wouldn't be too bad, except that this was in the area with lots of sheep. Now, the sheep themselves weren't in danger, it was the sheep dogs that were threatened.

The shepherds sent a petition to the king to rid the area of this bear. Unfortunately, the shepherds hadn't paid their taxes to the king and he wasn't the most interested in sending out his best knights to a far off province to deal with a bear. So the king summons his knights and selects Sir Sufud to go to the shepherds and handle their bear problem.

Sir Sufud was overjoyed to finally get sent out on a mission from the king. You see, Sufud comes from a long line of klutzes and it was just by chance that he finally was made a knight. And thus, Sir Sufud ran back to his family and told them of this mission that he was to undertake. They too were glad to see him finally be sent to do something other than act as a target on the jousting field.

And so, Sir Sufud was off to deal with the bear. It took him several days to get out there with all his armor and such. At last, he arrived in the vale with the shepherds and they pointed him to the cave where the bear stayed while chuckling to themselves wondering if he was up to the task of vanquishing the bear.

At the cave, Sir Sufud was just in time to prevent another dog from being dragged in and boldly challenged the bear. Warily, the bear looked at the knight and started making a sound that most likely resembled laughter... at least for bears. And so, the bear lumbered over and smacked Sir Sufud with a great whap that sent him sprawling across the clearing and slammed into an old tree.

Unfortunately for Sir Sufud, this whap snapped his neck and killed him instantly. However, the power with which he was slammed into the tree caused it to break and in the slow motion that is only seen today in movies came crashing down and fell on the bear.

The shepherds, upon hearing the great roar and crash from the cave quickly ran to the place to see a knight sprawled against a tree and a bear underneath it. The dog the bear had been bringing back, however, was alive and well and quite happy to see people again. And so, feeling quite bad for the family of the knight, the shepherds went to the king and offered family of Sir Sufud the dog he had saved from the bear.

Nothing helps the mourning after a terrible knight like the dog of a bear that hit you.

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