They call them "skim jobs".

Nodes that are just material cut and pasted from Web sources. Instead of research, thought, collation of data, and effort, the information is just skimmed from a source and pasted without credit or original thinking.

The term is based on "skin job", the slur for replicants, biological constructs, used in Blade Runner, the Ridley Scott film based on Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?.

According to the Everything Copyright Violation policy, we seem to have some skim jobs lurking around on E2. The management wants them terminated with extreme prejudice.

dem bones called me in. Said, "You suck. Your nodes suck. No one cares about Heian era poetry and your food nodes are way too fey. What's with the truffle oil? Plus you're old and bald and have a gimpy leg. And you can't spell and mess up in Chatterbox. But you were consecrated as an editor when I was too checked out to know you from a real human being. We don't really need you because you suck. But you might as well go out there and kill some skim jobs. Get out of my office."

I didn't realize I was in an office. I thought I was just taking a look at E2 on my monitor and reading a /msged text in the narrow little window on Chatterbox. I looked around. Looks like my house . Dangu! Tricky. Virtual reality is nothing to the users behind these skim jobs.

I thought about Bones's hearty pep talk.

Users. Heh.

Let's see who's the "user" now....

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