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Slapwraps were a cross between a toy and fashion accessory, and were marketed to children in the early 90s. Slapwraps consisted of a rectangular, slightly curved metal band (think of a section of metal window blind) with rounded edges, encased in a nylon cloth sleeve that was sewn shut at both ends. A Slapwrap’s benign form is rolled up into a two-inch diameter, but unwound and straightened it’s usually six to eight inches in length. Unwinding the band so it’s rigid and then slapping it against a wrist or other limb causes the Slapwrap to immediately wrap around it, hence the Slapwrap name.

The sleeves came in a variety of colors, primarily of the neon flavors popular in clothing at the time, and could be commonly found at department stores, toy stores, liquor stores, and amongst the other toys offered by ice cream men. Slapwraps can still be found today, sometimes called “Snapbands” or slap bracelets, and sold in a yellow, reflective cloth sleeve for bicyclists and other people who need to remain visible at night.

After cutting open the end of the sleeve on a Slapwrap, you'll find that the metal strip inside is actually razor-sharp, and it looks as though the Slapwrap fad ended due to it being outlawed at public schools because of the potential danger it posed.

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