The labor-intensive process of taking the gentle and supple coils of a metal slinky and stretching, pulling, or using any other methood to turn it into one, long straight wire.

Many tools can be used to accomplish this feat, however most hobbists prefer the old "two-pliers" method, which entails using two plairs of pliers to stretch, twist and generally mangle the slinky-metal into a straight line. More masturful is the single plier methood which requires much more effort and skill, and a strong hand with which to hold onto the flat, thing slinky-wire.

Other popular methods require the use of large peices of appartatus such as a vice or a steamroller. Use of a specially manufactured "slinky straigtener" is strictly forbidden as it supposedly "removes the art" from the whole process.

Recently slinky straighteners have come under fire by the militant organization PETS (People for the Ethical Treatment of Slinkys), however no legislation has been passed.

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