A thirty-two page book by Vick Knight Jr., the contents of which are quoted below.


The book sold over 35,000 copies. It was a surprising success.

Reception to the book was overwhelmingly great. One noted that is was "the perfect book, completely devoid of typographical, factual or zoological error.'' However, unbeknownst to the author, there actually is a snake in Hawaii: the Island Blind Snake!

The author also wrote a book called "My Word!" -- A collection of celebrities and their favorite word, and many other books, and was a good friend of Philip K. Dick.

This book has been mentioned in three articles I know of:
http://www.nctimes.com/articles/2003/11/20/news/californian/lake_elsinore/11_19_0323_05_11.txt, and
Info on the Island Blind Snake can be found at:
http://www.honoluluzoo.org/hawaiian_snake.htm and

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