Snickers Fudge is a limited edition Snickers bar available in the impulse section of grocery stores everywhere. And that's how I got mine, on impulse. Snickers is such a great candy bar, how could I resist at least trying the fudge version? Add to that the fact that the bars were on sale, two for the price of one, and you've got yourself a customer.

The first thing the candy aficionado will notice upon lifting the chocolatey confection from the store display is that it's kind of small. Sure enough, where a regular Snickers bar weighs in at a respectable 2.07 oz (58.7 g), the Snickers Fudge is a mere 1.78 oz (50.5 g). That's not as big a difference to your belly as it is to your hands, though, and as M&M's have taught us, your hands aren't the part of you that should be enjoying the candy. Where the Snickers Fudge still packs a wallop is the calories.

Despite a 14% reduction in weight, we've got only an 11% reduction in calories, 280 (130 from fat) compared to 250 (110 from fat). While that's still a reduction, it's more than made up for by the inclusion of delicious, mouth-watering fudge. What the Snickers Fudge did, specifically, was replace the caramel with fudge and the regular nougat with peanut butter nougat. The classic elements of chocolate and peanuts, what makes a Snickers a Snickers, are still there. The result is a slightly smaller but much richer version of the classic and well-loved Snickers bar.

While satisfying and filling (seriously, these things have as many calories as a light meal), it's not about to completely replace the classic Snickers bar in my heart, stomach, or pantry. They're best used to mix things up a little. When I've got a "Hungry? Why wait?" snack attack as per their classic line of commercials, the caramel and peanut goodness of the classic Snickers is still going to be my mainstay. But when I feel like something a little different, I'm definitely going to reach for the Snickers Fudge to satisfy my cravings.

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