Ian Tyson and Sylvia (Fricker) Tyson put this album out in 1967. This was the title song. I know this would sound like some sort of lounge music to those of you who were raised on rock and roll. But you'll get old one day, and I seriously doubt if you're going to be playing Crawling by Linkin Park up real loud on your boom box when you're trying to relax in the retirement home. Are you? Answer me, goddammit!

Little girls
Dream of castles in the sky.
A penthouse here
And one in London bye and bye.
So much for dreaming.
So much for dreaming.

It's a song the coyboy Tyson wrote about trying to please women with material things. But all the giving starts going unreturned. Have you ever tried this? Have you ever tried to buy love? I realize parents are doing it every day, but trying to buy sexual love? Who could think that would work? I imagine all the wasted love in Hollywood.

It's all there is,
But you're wiser by now.
What was she seeking?
You gave her everything.
And when was the time
You lost her?
And how?
Did all the giving
Start going unreturned?

Now you've learned
You'll never buy her now.
You've lost her.
Ah, you'll never buy her now.
You've lost her.

I wonder what goes on in my little girl's head. I don't really think she's dreaming of a castle in the sky. I think she's just dreaming of a guy who will treat her well and be kind.

She said the funniest thing the other night. It was the episode of Buffy where Spike realizes it won't hurt him to harm Buffy 'cause she "came back wrong" (according to him) and they wind up balling the house down at the end. My little girl's been wanting Buffy and Spike to get together for quite some time, but when this one ended, she said, "Ewww!" I said, "Isn't that what you've been wanting to happen?" She said, "Yes. But not in a nasty way like that. I wanted it to be sweet."

Can you remember when you had a point of view like that?

It's funny how a tune about the loss of something can make you remember the first glimpse of that gain.

CST approved

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