Sometimes, in high school, these people become so insecure, or they grow in numbers, and rise above the rest of the social world and claim that they are better than anyone else. This is very depressing. I was once friends with some people that were considered social outcasts. They formed a group, as the "freaks" or "goth kiddies" and did things just for the sake of scaring people titled as a "prep." This really irritated me. No one kicked these people out of anything. They just thought it was funny for guys to wear dresses and make-up in order to cause a scene. If you do this, you deserve to be a social outcast.

Now here's where it gets too funny. A friend of mine moved here from Alaska. She was shy, reserved, and very reluctant to open up to anyone. I ended up leaving my social outcast friends to befriend her (no one could relate to her sob story, despite their being social outcasts). Together, we held up the title better than anyone in my school could. We were very close friends and very many people had a thing or two to say about us. The "freaks" hated us and couldn't accept us.

Here's a little story based on a conversation a "goth" friend of mine and I had.

I was talking to her during lunch about my best friend.
Me:"I think I've fallen in love with him."
Her:"So what is he?"
Me:"What do you mean? He's a human. A man."
Her: "No, is he like, a prep or a goth?"

I MEAN, MY FUCKING GOD. Since when did the world boil down to two classes of people? Even my friends! We're not of some class of people like preps and goths. I'm not in the cast of the television show, Popular. There are no browns and blondes for me. Adam is a punk. Not a stereotypical punk. Yes, he's 275 pounds, he wears old man pants and generic-brand t-shirts. And we've never met a single punk at this school.

Oh sure, you have these kids running around with spiky green hair, wearing leather jackets and getting their little anarchy panties in a wad when you try to tell them how lame-o they are. How cool is it to be an outcast to the outcasts? Our outcasts think they are too cool for everyone. No, I tried. I hung out with a couple of them. Suddenly, outcasts were too cool for me. And preps? More preps talked to me than outcasts! That is so fucked up. Preps, yes, those snobby people who wear Abercrombie and Fitch brand clothing and watch MTV, they were nice to me. So I don't hold anything against "preps" anymore. Those social outcasts, on the other hand, I fully support anyone who continues to ostracize them.

BTW, I'm not bashing all these youth goth kids. Rather the ones who make something of it and completely redefine the meaning of the word outcast.

A social outcast is anyone that doesn't want to be a part of society, or just doesn't fit in. They tend to be pushed out of the many 'social groups' that exist all around us. They may either like being one, or hate it.

When a person enjoys being a social outcast, they feel that they are either superior to others, or they just don't want to be around the majority of people in this world.

If the person hates it, then they tend to become depressed or if it's extreme, suicidal. Then they try their best to fit in, only to try to hard and get even more segregated from others.

A prime example of what happens to social outcasts is the Columbine Shooting. They were picked on (as far as the media says) by many people. Nobody seemed to like them. And if they stood up, everyone would bring them down. That's why all that mental frustration built up and they decided to do what they did.

This all really depends on how anti-social you like to be...

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