To fit in is to be unnoticeable; not to not be noticed, but rather the state in which it is impossible for another to find you. This state can be achieved, rather pricily, by the attainment of stripes.

You’re welcomed to fit IN.

What is this ‘IN’ thing?

Where should you fit?

Why should you fit, most importantly?

Aren’t things supposed to be like when you buy a pair of shoes?

If what you’re trying on doesn’t suit you, then you’ll have to try a bigger/smaller size.

You don’t cut a toe, or grow a bigger foot to fit in that pair.

You simply try another size of the same model. Because everybody is different and unique in their own way, that’s why we have so many variations of shoe sizes.

It does make sense, right?

But when it comes down to you, your inner self, your own distinct personality, your very own feelings and emotions, your way of life, your opinions, your clothes, your skin tone, your height, your weight, your religion, your nationality, your mother, your father, your glasses, your braces, it suddenly stops being that way.

They don’t have sizes and measures for you anymore.

They just ran out.

So now, you’ll have to cut something out of yourself, or grow another faux-ego, if you want to fit.




If everybody preaches individuality and originality, why the hell don’t they act that way? “Be Yourself!” they say, but if you dare “Be Yourself” , you’ll probably end up institutionalized, ostracized, cast away from society, “a freak”. Then you’ll fall, trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with you.

Nothing is wrong with you! There’s your answer. The problem is deep inside society.
No drugs, plants, prescriptions, doctors, coping mechanisms, and so on, will help you for real. It’s like a magic trick. Making it disappear by playing a little with your chemicals doesn’t express the resolution of issues. Just because you fail to see it, it doesn’t mean that it went away and that you’re ok now. Putting a fake cardboard wall in front of a hole does not fill the original hole. The hole is still there, you know it’s there, you’re just pretending it’s not.

As soon as you stop ‘trying to fit in’, you find yourself unable to keep pace with the rest of the world. So, there must be something wrong with you, if everybody else is normal and perfectly able to manage, right?


Stop trying to fit, and start developing yourself. Stop believing you’re a freak and start believing in yourself! You, and you, and you , and all of us are precious gems. And what do we all know about diamonds? They keep sparkling even covered by dirt. So go on, burnish and gloss those surfaces! Don’t let the bastards get you!

Rub and shine, rub and shine...

But make sure you seem like the others. Once you’re spotted, they’ll find a way to show the necessary changes for you to fit in...

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