You're not. You're not even mildly unique. "I get a chance to be myself/Just like everybody else". The massive diversity of the population can only lead to so many thousands of people who are exactly like you, they like the same music, same food, do the same stuff, with the same ritualistic (in)competence. As fantastic as it might seem to be doing something which excites you, some particular conversation perhaps that made you feel fantastic: it's nothing special. Its happened before, many a time.

So what is the purpose? Why bother chugging along with you life when a simple ICQ search will doubtless pop up hundreds of people who are disturbingly alike to you. "O Brave New World".... its all true. The search for any originality is a lost cause, it takes someone truly SPECIAL to be original, and chances are it's not you. And so you are doomed to follow the same path, fall in love with a person who makes you feel the same as everyone else in the situation feels. Somewhat pointless? No.. theres nothing you can do. Enjoy it, personally, it still counts as your life. You should enjoy it, you have every right to.

This simply serves as a mark in a valley of depression, a thought that passed. And as funky as it is, it will probably get voted down because it makes you all get to(avoiding) thinking of how you are nothing more than a tiny chunk of the pulp that makes up what we call society.

Be one of the chunks in the pulp that is truly different. See the world for the first time all the time. Look at things differently, try it. Or hide in your shell and smile.

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