You know how people are always trying to convince others that there is someone else deep within, or that they have millions of ideas that they could share with the world? Yeah, well I truthfully believe that it is just the opposite with me. I don't like to admit it.

People probably believe there is some deeply intellectual person underneath my skin, some girl with a story, or just someone who is nice to be around, and I can never really understand where anyone formed this concept.

I am indebted to those around me who from day to day act like morons just to make me appear less shallow, only because I don't think I have anything "me" to share with the world. I don't have a school of thought, a brand new way of seeing things, nor am I an idiot savant or a genius in general. I am as plain and normal as they come. Other people like this rarely know just how dull they are, because they spend their whole life searching for something to believe in that makes them special. By being the outlier among these people, I do not feel like I am entitled to diversify myself or make bold statements about who I am or why I am. I have nothing to support me. I am human. I do not understand. What you see is what you get.

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