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Soilwork was first formed in the end of 1995, under the name Inferior Breed. Their sound was in the vein of Machine Head and Pantera. In 1996 to coincide with their new musical direction Inferior Breed officially became Soilwork. After signing with French music label Listenable Records, Soilwork released their debut album “Steelbath Suicide” recorded at the famous Studio Fredman located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Soilwork’s distinctive sound has lured many “mainstream” metal listeners to their side. While still retaining the typical gritty vocals associated with death metal, Soilwork has managed to evolve their music to include some “normal” vocals, mainly in chorus’ and to make the keyboard a major instrument in most of their songs.

Soilwork is also a member band of what has become known as the “Gothenburg Sound” or melodic death metal. With gritty vocals, a chest crushing double bass drum beat, and legendary dueling guitar solos, Soilwork has quickly become a headlining act in the world of death metal. Their unique sound has not been overlooked by mainstream media either. Their first music video for the song “As We Speak” off their album Natural Born Chaos was played on MTV2(popularity unknown).

With four albums under their belts at the time of this writing (January 18, 2003) and a fifth to be released in the spring (Northern Hemisphere) of 2003, Soilwork has quickly carved themselves a place in the hearts and minds of death metal fans everywhere.

Soilwork Discography:

  • Steelbath Suicide, 1998, Listenable Records, 12 tracks
  • Chainheart Machine, 2000, Century Media, 9 tracks
  • A Predator’s Portrait, 2001, Nuclear Blast Records, 11 tracks
  • Natural Born Chaos, 2002, Nuclear Blast Records, 10 tracks
  • Figure Number Five, 2003, Nuclear Blast Records, 11 tracks
  • Stabbing The Drama, 2005, Nuclear Blast Records, 12 tracks

Soilwork is:

  • Bjorn "Speed" Strid: Vocals
  • Peter Wichers: Lead and Rhythm guitar
  • Ola Frenning: Lead and Rhythm guitar
  • Henry Ranta: Drums
  • Sven Karlsson: Keyboards
  • Ola Flink: Bass guitar

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