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Some Place Else is a Finnish record label and a mail order service. The country does not strictly command the output as Some Place Else has also released records by Russian and Bosnian artists. I remember them having some kind of a motto like "esoteric, experimental, electronic", but their site has "eccentric" to add to that. The site also says not only "music" but "music and art", perhaps slightly giving in to the notion that harsh noise or very minimal ambient may not be what most people consider music.

Some Place Else is something else.
We are things treading outside the well-trodden highways,
Instead choosing to take the shady crooked paths,
overgrown footways or underground tunnels.

Some Place Else is a melting pot.
We are not stuck to a particular genre,
Nor bound by preconceived ideas on what music should sound like.
We embrace any and all attempts on breaking set limits
in order to breed weird cross-over hybrid Bastards from
(seemingly) contradictory source elements.

At Some Place Else, there are no limits
except those you choose to impose on yourself.
To be truly free, those need to be banished as well.
By any means necessary.
By any means available.
By any means envisioned.
And by those means you wouldn’t have ever thought of.
This is Some Place Else, where
Change begets life begets change.
There is no freedom in stability, nor creativity, nor life.
Some Place Else breaks your mold.
Stability is nihil,
change is vigour.

— Some Place Else manifesto

Some Place Else's predecessor, Demonosound, began in 1994. In 1997 the name was changed and more work was put into the label. From 2004 to 2007 Some Place Else also had a record shop to go with the mail order, first Living Room (2004 - 2005) and then Ostium (2005 - 2007). Both were located in Turku. Gigs were also done in these from time to time, but primarily Some Place Else has been and will be a record label. Currently, Some Place Else has no shop to go with the mail order, and one probably won't be created, as the owner, Niko Skorpio, has moved to the countryside from where he operates the label.

List of Some Place Else artists

Some Place Else website.

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