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I don't spell very well. It's a problem I have learned to deal with. After writing my nodes I have to cut and paste suspicious looking words into a word processor and run spell check. Like I said I've learned to deal with my problem. The consequence is that I tend to spend extra time looking at the spelling of certain words.

The strange thing is that if I look at a word for too long, no spelling looks correct. The same thing happens if I repeat a word several times. Just a little while ago I was writing a node that used the word friend several times. That word still doesn't look right. I know it's spelled f-r-i-e-n-d but for a while I couldn't reconcile that and thought it may be spelled f-r-e-i-n-d, but that didn't look right either.

Take a word, any word, but the smaller ones are better. Repeat it to yourself under your breath for two or three minutes then try to spell it. I hope this is one of those weird brain things that happens to everybody occaisionaly.

I wouldn't like to think that I am alone in this.

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