Sometimes I wonder,
What you thought when we first met
and you complimented my beret
in very bad taste
and I blushed

You had no way of knowing what it meant.

Sometimes I wonder,
What made you want to sit with me later
at a bistro that smelled badly of cigarettes
and rank fish
and we discovered a mutual addiction to coffee

And I really realized how I wanted to know you.

Sometimes I wonder,
what you thought when you walked me through the park
to my apartment, and held my hand
when I knew that we both wanted the same things
and my cousin was staring out the window at you

It signified more than it needed to.

Sometimes I wonder,
if you knew what I was thinking the second time,
that you're hands are beautiful
and softer than mine
and then we kissed finally

You're the most interesting person I could ever hope to meet.

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