Marvel Comics superhero who first appeared in Marvel Spotlight #12. The offspring of heir-seeking Satan* and an unwitting mortal woman, occult expert and exorcist Daimon Hellstrom battled his father's minions with the power of the Darksoul. Using a trident made of the "psychosensitive" metal netheranium (which he stole from Satan), he could channel the Darksoul's energy into pain-inducing soulfire. He rode about in a flaming chariot drawn by demonic horses (which was also stolen from Satan, who really ought to see about beefing up his security).

When in superhero mode, the red-haired Hellstrom wore a red cape and tight red pants with a gold belt and gold boots, and red metal bracers encircled his wrists. His chest was bare, revealing his plate-sized pentagram-shaped birthmark. The Son of Satan struggled constantly with the dark side of his personality, and tended to fly of the handle in spectacular and sometimes homicidal ways.

Hellstrom's sister Satana worked for Dad as a succubus till she too turned against him, eventually sacrificing her life to save Doctor Strange. Hellstrom served as a member of The Defenders for a time and eventually married teammate Patsy Walker, a.k.a. Hellcat. Back when I stopped keeping track of such things, he had been freed from the Darksoul and he was a normal human being. However, I hear that these days Daimon has been consumed by his evil side, has toppled Satan from his throne, and now rules Hell with an iron hand.

*...or rather, an extradimensional being who called himself "Satan" after the legendary diabolical ruler, as the oh-so-cautious author of Son of Satan's entry in Marvel Universe makes clear over and over again.

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