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The Song of the Little World
Book of Taliesin LVI

I sing of the beautiful, the gay,
I'll sing of the world just one more day;
Much I reason and much I ponder,
Much I meditate--much I wonder!
The bards of the world I will address
Since never was told me I confess
What thing it is that supports the world
Lest into the deeps it should be hurled,
Or what, if the wold should fall anon,
In falling 'tis like to fall upon;
Or who 'tis upholds it that it may
Revive when it winters into decay,
To burgeon into green leaf anew
Each yearly cycle it passes through.
The world--how wonderful it is
It falls not into the dread abyss!
The world--how strange, and how complete,
Trodden my men's unnumbered feet!
John, Matthew, Luke, and Mark,
It is they who sustain God's holy word
Through grace of the Holy Spirit heard.

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