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A now defunct musical comedy trio from Australia comprising Tim Ferguson, Paul McDermott and Richard Fidler. Songs include Necrophilia, Kill Yourself, I Wanna Spill the Blood of a Hippie, Oh Lesbian Oh Mother, World's Best Kisser and Forteen Pints of Beer and a Kebab.

On stage antics include (as taken from www.anejo.freeserve.co.uk/daas):
The Batman incident - This is one that's gone down in history. The Allstars managed to convince one reporter that they were going to be playing the Penguin's henchmen in the forthcoming Batman movie. By the time this had been interpreted by several other publications, it had reached the point that there were allegations of an affair between Tim Ferguson and Kim Basinger.

The bathroom incident - During the Edinburgh Festival, DAAS took the audience into the ladies toilets. In the middle of the act, a bemused woman wandered in, desperate for a piss. The boys pretended not to notice her but when she closed the cubicle door, they got everyone to remain silent. When she pulled the chain, everybody let out a huge cheer.

The wheelchair incident - They used to do a song called Leaping and Jumping for Satan is Lord where they would bully the entire audience into standing up and singing along. One night there was one woman who refused to stand up. "What's the matter with you, you miserable bugger?" Paul asked. "Are you a cripple?" The woman's response? "Yes, actually I am." The Dougs were speechless until Paul's final retort: "Don't worry, Tim's Jesus. He'll cure you."
"We wanted to get every free thinking, open-minded, clever, well educated Labor voter well and truly ticked off. We wanted to find an audience like us and make them really cranky and upset at what we were saying. Or, at the very least very nervous about laughing at us."

Tim Ferguson

DAAS managed to blend artistic, historical, religious and philisophical references (The Middle Class, Funk You, Krishna) , political and social satire (Commies for Christ, Waco, Gorby the balding Hippy, Oh Lesbian oh Mother, exceedingly black and twisted humour (Necrophilia, World's Best Kisser, I Fuck Dogs) into a hilarious and riotous show.

Never trust a dog with two dicks

Audiences beware, those in the front rows were fair game for anything from copping a loogie from Tim's charming lips, detailed and unflattering rundowns of their dress sense, hairpulling and pinching from Paul, having their clothes peeled off to the strains of Touch Me You Fool or propositions from all three raunchy lads. Perhaps the bravest comedic act I have ever witnessed was Tim cramming an odour eater into his mouth, moments after triumphantly removing it from the black stiletto of a humiliated audience member. A favourite stunt was "Pass the slap", where the entire audience passed a chain of face-slapping doen to the front row.

Rigour Mortis makes me hard... hey!

In the midst of this frenzy, the lights would suddenly dim, and the three voices that had just minutes ago belted out bestiality became an angelic choir, blending incredible harmonies with their own creations or taking a classic such as Heard it through the Grapevine or Throw your Arms Around Me and making it their own.

Drink, root, brawl. Forget the rest.

They also wrote and starred in their own television series, DAAS Kapital. The series was set on board a giant submarine called the Titanic, containing all of earth's art treasures. Other characters included Flacco and Bob Downe.

Opiates are the religion of the masses

TV, video and movie appearences
Cruel Youth
Regulars on The Big Gig
The Edinburgh Years
Live at the National Theatre
DAAS Kapital
DAAS Kapital II


DAAS Kapital (series 1 scripts)
Farewell Songbook
The End of History


Let It Swing 1986

Cadillac Of Jesus
Ship Of Love
Little Gospel Song
Change The Blades
Good Christian Man
We Made Love Like Dogs Gone Wild

Icon 1990

Commies 4 Christ
My Baby's Gone to Jail
Change the Blades
little gospel song
Dead Elvis
i want to spill the blood of a hippy
Go to Church
Broad lic nic
Motorcycle St. Sebastian

Dead and Alive 1993

The Sun
If you're happy / WACO
Gilbert & Sullivan 1
Body Science
Sailor's Arms
Skinhead Sooty
If you're happy 2
Mommy Dearest
G&S 2
I fuck dogs
Moral Dillemas
World's Best Kisser
Joan of Arc
G&S 3
Wimmin's Lit
Throw Your Arms Around Me
There is Nothing Like a Dame

Live In Edinburgh

Catholic Girls On LSD
Stairway To Heaven
Summer Lovin'
Satan I
Viva Ras Vegas
Satan II
Mexican Hitler
Virgin Mary
I fuck dogs
Paul's Poem
Satan III
I hate the french
Satan IV
My Way


Night By The Sea
Stay Away From The Window
Good Christian Man
Here She Comes
The Old Triangle
The Light That Shines
Strip The Willow
Sons Of
She Moved Through the Fair

Last Concert

Sweetness and Light
Broad Lic Nic
Mutant Opera
Chanson D'Amour
Funk You
Little Gospel Song
Dead Elvis

Kids and Animals
World's Best Kisser
Skinhead Skippy
Commies 4 Christ
State Forest Dilemma

Various bits and pieces from DAAS Kapital, The Big Gig, videos and live performances
In nothing remotely resembling chronological order..
The Auld Triangle
Barry Crocker
Bless Me Father
Carnal Carnival
China Go-Go
Cosmic Cowboys
The French Song
Kill Yourself
Kiss Me You Fool
What Rich Wants
When I Get Famous
Punk's Not Dead
Gorby The Balding Hippie
It's A Business
It's Hard To Be A Woman
You Don't Understand
The Eternal Diner
Fourteen Pints Of Beer And A Kebab
Funk You
Get Nicked Mum
Goodbye Grandma
Good Night, Sweet Prince
I'm Sick
Party In Hell
The Virgin Mary
We're A Family
What Is It You Can't Face?
Kylie & Jason
Living With Girls
Mexican Hitler
The Middle Class
Mummy Dearest
It's Tim
Johnny Boy
Ride The Big Cock (Ode To A Rooster)
Saddam Hussein
Salman Rushdie
The Sandman (With Flacco)
Scottish Songs
Skinhead Skippy
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
Sunday Mornings
Surfin' Down The Ganges
Thank You

The Doug Anthony Allstars (DAAS) came out of the late 80's comedy explosion in Australia. Starting life as buskers in the ACT, they moved on to bigger and better things. Live performances gained them a regular slot on the Aunties 'The Big Gig' a slot which launched their particular brand of twisted musical comedy into the limelight.

In 1988 they were nominated for the prestigious (if you call an award for comedy prestigious) Perrier award at the Edinburgh fringe. 1991 marked the debut of their own television show, DAAS Kapital - an edgy, science fiction and just flat out weird series.

Each member of the team contributed a unique voice to the trio.

Richard Fidler, the straight man for all the jokes, the naive innocent in the face of the others perversions and also the guitarist.

Tim Ferguson, the 'Pretty one' and raving egotist.

Paul McDermott - the bad boy with the voice of an angel.

In 1994, the Dougs split up, due to Tim leaving to pursue a more family oriented life. Each member of the team has gone on to fame - Tim is now a commercial whore, slutted around from program to program and is now presenting a cheaper nastier version of "Funniest Home Videos" entitled "Unreal TV". Richard has worked for various cable television programs, and presents "Race around the world" an interesting experiment in giving young people a video camera and carte blance to film what they will as they journey around the planet. Paul has moved on to the highly sucessful Good News Week, a pseudo game show featuring a rotating line up of comics and commentators.

Classic DAAS tracks include such soulful numbers as "I wanna spill the blood of a hippie", "Necrophilia" (Neeecrophilia, Neecrophilia, Neecrophilia - rigor mortis makes me hard!) and "I fuck dogs". Confrontational? Always. But often damn funny to boot.

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