London, Berlin, New York and Springvale...

TISM (This Is Serious, Mum) are an Australian rock band with a huge underground cult following.

TISM are actually more of a techno-pop group than a Rock and Roll group. Actually, that's not true either. TISM truly defy such simple categorization. There is simply no band in the world like them.

The band performs on stage wearing often elaborate costumes. Initially TISM simply wore balaclavas to protect their identities but in recent years these constumes have gone to outrageous extremes. It is the on-stage costumes as much as anything else which marks TISM's individuality.

Other hallmarks of a TISM gig are the frequent stage diving of the band members (giving the fans a chance to 'unmask' the singer, but also frequently to de-clothe him as well), the oddly-coreographed dancing during the performances and frequent on-stage nudity.

Many TISM fans have no idea who the people behind the masks actually are. There are various rumours regarding the true identities of the band, and only the most die-hard of fans has the even the slightest idea who these strange individuals are.

TISM's lineup is Humphrey B. Flaubert and Ron Hitler Barassi on vocals, Jock Cheese on bass, Eugene De La Hot Croix-Bun on keyboards, Leak Van Vlalen on guitar, Jon St. Peenis on saxophone and Les Miserables on 'dance moves'.

Quite often promotional photographs of the band are in fact pictures of unrelated individuals simply wearing balaclavas.

It's been said that TISM songs look better on a lyric sheet than they sound when played. Certainly they come up with some great song titles. Some of which (the humour of which will likely be lost on non-Melbournites) include:

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