Elton John album released in October 2001. This is Elton's first studio album since 1997's The Big Picture and marks his return to studio music as opposed to his soundtrack, stage, and concert work. Many critics hailed the album as a return to the classic Elton John sound of the 1970s, and personally I feel there's some very impressive piano work on this album.

Track List

Elton John's vocals were recorded in London on late February and early March 2001 with other recording sessions taking place between January and April of the same year. Stevie Wonder's harmonica work appears on the album as well. And, as usual on Elton John albums, Bernie Taupin composed the lyrics.

A book of piano sheet music of the album is available from Warner Bros Music, although you may have a hard time finding it. I had to special order mine from a little hole-in-the-wall music store downtown. However, it is indeed worth getting your hands on.

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