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THe Italian born wife of the late Rajiv Gandhi is all set to become the prime minister of India. Her ability to rule a country as big and multifaceted as India was questioned right when she made her entry into Indian politics. A soft spoken person she is, whose ability to speak English is questioned leave alone the Indian languages. The Bharathiya Janata Party , the biggest menace that India has faced since the British left the nation is said to be on a nation wide protest against Sonia becoming the prime minister.

I suggest readers to refer to Hindu Nationalism and Hindutva which gives a decent account of the racist and communalist agenda of BJP.

Born to Italian parents, Sonia Manio met Rajiv Gandhi when he was studying at Cambridge. They are said to have met at a Greek restaurant (where she is supposed to have been a waitress!). The educated anti-Congress people are raising this also to be an issue in addition to her foreign origin issue.

Now that she has suggested the name of Dr. Manmohan Singh the brilliant economist to be the prime minister of the country , her image among the people has been given a sudden boost. It was rather shocking to hear that she has chosen to remain the leader of the party , not taking the highest position in the country. And the Bharathiya Janata Party is left looking for an alternative strategy against the Congress Party.

It is said that she didnt take up the post of the prime minister because of the apprehensions raised by her children Priyanka Vadhera and Rahul Gandhi over her security. Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi , the ex-primeministers of the country were assassinated and it is not hard to see the resons of their fear.

Personally I feel she is not eligible to be the prime minister of such a great country as India. She doesnt know the pulse of India I feel.Let us hope it is for the good of the country that she decided to step down.

Now let us see what the fifth person from the Nehru family to become the president of the Congress Party can do to save the country from the clutches of menaces like regionalism and communalism.

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