Over the course of the next 48 hours, we will be systematically destroying the game world by setting fire to every major city, and by dropping excessively high level bulletproof tigers (that we've created for this purpose only) into the rural regions. You are welcome to stay alive for as long as you like, though this will get exponentially harder as time passes. We here at Omnipresence Ltd. advise that if you would like to extend the beta test for as long as you can, please remain in Los Angeles; it will be the last city to be destroyed at the 40-hour mark. Anyone who survives the localized apocalypse will fall to the tigers.

What this does mean, however, is a more balanced game when the servers come back on in two months' time. The technology tree will be cleared, the continents will be re-randomized (spoiler: there will be nine, all spawnable. No one liked Antarctica anyway, and we're sorry.) and we will begin once more from the beginning. Also, based upon a sampling of complaints, avg_life will be increased to 110 years, up from 75, and gravity will be reduced to 9.6 m/s2, to make moving around and lifting things just a bit easier.

Furthermore, all species of wildlife will now spawn randomly in their original points. Species can no longer go extinct. As a notice to players who wish to assist in the construction of cities, wildlife will continue to spawn within your city until it has reached the level of Town. Furthermore, all cities will have their levels based off of their population; Mexico City being only a village was a slight mistake.

All active players who die within the beta period will begin again at level 0, with no stats and no knowledge. We're sorry for the abrupt change in skillset from high technology to hunting and gathering, but this is necessary for the final release of the game.

Please note the following additions to the commandments: XI) Thou shalt not use any trainers or hacks. XII) Thou shalt report bugs immediately, instead of showing them off to other players. The hammer and ruler trick is forbidden, and it won't work anymore anyway. These last two additions are being implemented due to this "matrix" exploit we've seen. Remember, cheating corrupts the economy in-game!

We hope you enjoy the new changes. There is no payment necessary for next month, due to the service upgrade.

Have fun!

-JY, Omnipresence, Inc.

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