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A product of Harman/Kardon Multimedia and Apple Computer, SoundSticks are a USB-based audio system for the Macintosh. The SoundSticks set contains two satellite speaker units and a subwoofer unit which doubles as the system's USB controller and amplifier. All three units are enclosed in clear polycarbonate plastic to match the styling of the iMac or Power Macintosh G4.

The subwoofer unit has a single 6-inch, 20-watt speaker mounted in a curious toroidal housing, and as with most computer subwoofers is intended to be placed under your desk. It connects to your Macintosh's USB port, to the external power adapter, and to the left and right satellite units. Each satellite unit mounts four 1-inch speakers in parallel, totalling 10 watts each. The satellite speakers are very strongly directional, and have hinged bases allowing you to orient them directly at the listener.

The current revision of the SoundSticks system works with the iBook, iMac, PowerBook G4, Power Macintosh G4, and some PowerBook G3 and Power Macintosh G3 models. It requires Mac OS 9.0.4 or higher, and Apple DVD Player 2.x to play DVD audio.

Oh, and they sound quite nice.

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