A rockabilly band with a pretty good show. I've seen them three times, and twice ended up onstage. Their first hit single was "Camel Walk" in 1996 off of the album "Dirt Track Date". They've toured with several bands, including the Woggles and Reverend Horton Heat. During shows they interact with the audience: they talk back, pass out some damn good fried chicken, and actually look like they're enjoying the show. (Shows like this I find much more enjoyable than bands that look sort of disgusted you even showed up to watch them)

It's nice to find some good Southern rock still being made about southern things without being degrading or overtly bad (in topic or musically). This band originating in North Carolina has had several genres-be-damned albums, with their music being referred to as "halter-top pop" or "honky-tonk tear-in-the-beer music".

Each of the band members is almost a caricature of southern stereotypes:
Rick Miller - singer / guitarist, skinny middle-aged man with long goatee, mesh back baseball caps, and overalls.
Mary Huff - vocalist / bassist, mid-20's female, usually has a blonde bee-hive when I've seen them, party dresses, and go-go boots
Chris "Crispy" Bess - keyboardist / auxiliary percussionist / rhythm guitar, large man, wears overalls, has a long beard (or did last time I saw them) dances crazy
Dave Hartman - drummer, slick looking, greased hair



Mojo Box (2004) - Kudzu Records - Licensed to Yep Roc Records
Liquored up and Lacquered Down (2000) - TVT Records
Plastic Seat Sweat (2000) - Geffen
Girlfight (1996) - Sympathy for the Record Industry
Santo Swings/Viva Del Santo (1996) - Estrus
Dirt Track Date (1996) - Geffen
Ditch Diggin' (1994) - Safe House
Pecking party (1993) - Feedbag
For Lovers Only (1992) - Feedbag
Zombified (1999) - Monkey Dog Music
Too Much Pork For One Fork (1991) - Moist Records

House of Bamboo (1998) - Label: Geffen Australia (Import)
Dirt Track Date - Australian Import (1995) - DGC/Geffen
White Trash - Import single (1996) - One Louder England
Soul City - Import CD Single (1996) - Geffen

Camel Walk EP + 4 tracks (1996) - Estrus

Shut the gate, Suzy And Don't Let Me In - LP (1992) - Nitro!
"First Album" - aka Southern Culture on the Skids LP (1985) - Lloyd Street Records

Soundtracks and Compilations
I Know What You Did Last Summer soundtrack (1997) - Columbia
My Baby's Got the Strangest Ways (track #8)

Just Say Noel compilation (1997) - Estrus
Merry Christmas Baby (track #6)

Beavis and Butt-head Do America soundtrack (1996) - Geffen
White Trash (track #10)

Buy Product 2 compilation (1996) - Geffen
Red Beans N' Reverb (track #10)

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