Southpaw Grammar is a 1995 album by Morrissey. Released at what is probably the low-point of his career on a relativly small label the album was received rather harshly by critics and fans alike.

The tracklisting is as follows:

  1. The Teachers Are Afraid of the Pupils
  2. Reader Meet Author
  3. The Boy Racer
  4. The Operation
  5. Dagenham Dave
  6. Do Your Best and Don't Worry
  7. Best Friend on the Payroll
  8. Southpaw

Although traditionally Morrissey was a producer of three-minute guitar-oriented pop music, Southpaw Grammar shows a clear diversion from this style with two songs over 10 minutes long and the entire feel of the album being a little more experimental. This need not necessarily have been a bad thing, but to put it quite simply the album just does not stand up to the lofty heights of other Morrissey (or The Smiths) work. Some of the lyrical wordplay feels "forced" and the musical compositions lack the inventivness that has been on display in the past, or indeed in the albums to follow.

Though by no means a classic, Southpaw Grammar is certainly not a bad album and should hold something for most Morrissey fans.

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